My #1 Piece of Advice for all job seekers is not to rely upon electronic job submissions/activity - even in Silicon Valley most positions are "landed" via personal networking. You have to get on the phone, network into companies you're interested in, solicit internal referrals in this kind of climate. I can provide some advice re. how to do this, but strongly recommend you remember to remain active in your job hunt, follow up on leads, get on the phone!

That being said, some of the other tools/resources available to you include:

Recruiter Recommendations:
If you want recommendations to specific recruiters/recruiting firms contact me directly at or phone directly and I will put you in touch with some of the qualified recruiters I can recommend who work in your sphere. Similarly, if there are recruiters you want to recommend to others please let me know.

Good General Information on the Web about Your Career Search:
All the major online job boards (Monster, etc.) provide job hunting tips etc., one career board that does have postings but focuses more on job hunting advice and news and does a good job of it is:

For general encouragement, humor, chat rooms, advice:

To get a Quick Assessment and link to major recruitment websites and to recruiters go to -

You'll get a brief assessment and link to major recruitment websites and a recruiter directory which is not "Quality controlled" but is extensive, good website to hit "first" to get overview of your options. Again, I emphasize that the recruiters here sign themselves up, so no guarantees re. their quality.

I recently located a good website that points you to companies hiring in the region/function you're interested in:, you'll land right on websites of firms that are hiring, it's a new resource and so far just pointed in California. is another good website that will point you to multiple job leads.


Several yahoo groups have started up that exist for the sole purpose of pushing out job leads and career advice to people. Some of the leads groups I recommend are:

THE KIT list (keep in touch); originally started by SGI Alum for job leads, this is for jobs that aren't technical (can be high tech but marketing, sales etc):

KIT List Instructions:

Now a website-you can go to to sign up for postings.

KITLIST TECH - this one is for technical postings: software engineers, QA etc.


Advice, feedback and networking exclusively for job
seekers and career changers.
Email to subscribe:

or email


Another job listing group, more focused on Bay area, also includes jobs discussion - these are former KITlisters who wanted a forum for questions/discussion in addition to job postings:

Post message:
List owner:

My Favorite Job-board websites:

IF YOU WANT…to work at a start-up - the great thing about these sites is that they're not as populated as etc. so you can identify positions that will likely NOT be flooded by applicants. And because you have startup background, these firms are more likely to be interested in your candidacy vs. people who don't have startup. - job listings, many at executive and mid-level - numerous job listings - a new site launched in 2003 by Jeremy McCarthy, this site highlights VC positions and I want to support Jeremy since he has the guts to start this kind of venture in the current startup-unfriendly climate! - This page comes from SJMN resource, includes job listings.

I also subscribe to -- they have a new venturewire people service that lists executive jobs, but venturewire is good for identifying companies that have just been funded. You can then peruse those companies websites as they're likely to be staffing. Red Herring can also be used for this purpose, as can upside, all subscriptions are free.

Finally, check out venture capital companies' websites, many now profile the companies in their portfolios that are hiring and will have job descriptions. For instance, Bessemer Ventures at lists multiple opportunities in their portfolio. If you want other names of VC's let me know.

For Business-related jobs particularly sales and marketing where salaries are in six figures:

For Technical positions: (hosted by the same people who run Westech job fairs but a good national website)

For Marketing Jobs:
These guys get great leads, I've subscribed and seen what comes across to get an idea, strong endorsement:

Software Product Marketing (SPM) eGroup ( There are nearly 2,500 software/networking/telecom marketing and business development professionals in the egroup. Complete information, including the results of an extensive membership survey, can be found on the website

For All Positions: (bought - mostly Bay area but other places too

For Non Profits:

SF Bay Area:

Remember professional organizations/associations for your profession, most have online job postings:

e.g. -- if you do GUI design, human factors (bay area computer human interface); for software support jobs, for technical writintg --

To get complete listings on professional associations try: or - a resource aimed at women in Bay area


Don't forget your alumni job boards!


Promatch is an excellent, no charge career resource center but its membership is currently full. However, they provide some free workshops that are definitely worth your taking advantage of. See details below:

How to Join
ProMatch membership is currently at full capacity and we are not scheduling further enrollments at this time. However, we offer the following excellent workshops for professionals on Fridays.


Employment Development Department
420 S. Pastoria Avenue
Sunnyvale CA. 94086

No pre-registration is necessary and there is no fee. Late arrivals will not be admitted!

Friday mornings: 8:30 a.m.-12:00 noon
This workshop is designed to foster active networking among the attendees. Outstanding facilitators also provide specific tools, tips and strategies for conducting successful searches for professional opportunities in today's Silicon Valley economy.


Every other Tuesday: 9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon
This workshop covers the fundamentals for creating an effective resume for today's fast paced Silicon Valley environment. It covers the proven means to create a resume and a cover letter that will win the reader's attention and get interviews.















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