Rebecca Davis and her team at Aspire have established a strong reputation for providing targeted, aggressive searches for key technology executives. Rebecca's strength lies in helping to clarify issues for both client and prospective candidate to enable successful closure. To this end, she can quickly and efficiently identify and target qualified candidates and assess their potential to perform in a client's environment. We approach our assignments with an understanding that neither start-ups nor large firms can compromise on time, quality of candidates, efficiency of process, or the professionalism and enthusiasm with which a successful search is undertaken.

Our mission is to successfully complete every search assignment and capture, for our clients the most versatile candidate in the shortest possible time.

When launching an assignment, we confer closely with key decision-makers to discuss the position to be filled and to determine the required experience, qualifications and characteristics of the ideal candidate. At the same time, we gain an understanding of our client's organization and the corporate culture in which the successful candidate will function. In the earliest stage start-ups, we focus on the vision of the founders to understand the nature of the company they intend to build and staff accordingly. We then confirm in writing the project and candidate qualifications with the client. We devise a specific search strategy to identify top-quality candidates, factoring the critical elements of the search to determine a realistic closure date.

The search begins when all parties agree on the position specification and the contract has been assigned. We initiate an intensive search using our proprietary databases, industry resources and information networks. We handle all phases of the search, and rarely accept more than three executive searches at any given time, which means that our clients have our complete dedication and focus.

We personally make recruiting calls, directing additional resources if necessary, interview all candidates, handle all interactions with candidates and clients, maintain a sense of urgency, and stay focused on completing the search assignment. We exercise creativity in the search process, a necessity in representing start-ups in Silicon Valley. We begin to confirm references early on in the process, managing the complete reference process later at the appropriate juncture.

When a final candidate is selected, we assist the client and candidate in compensation negotiations. In our initial candidate profiles, we detail current and expected compensation, and set candidate expectations early on in discussions. We tailor our involvement in the search process to work successfully with the CEO or hiring manager's preferences, managing the process to the extent that all parties are most comfortable with to ensure successful completion of the search.









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